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Our Activity Programme

Our endlessly creative and energetic activities team ensure a full range of activities to suit every individual and their needs. Engaging in meaningful activity can greatly benefit wellbeing by improving self-esteem, encouraging social interaction, and keeping the mind active.

We understand that maintaining a sense of self whilst living in care is important to wellbeing and we prioritise assisting residents in maintaining their existing hobbies. The team take the time to get to know each resident, tailoring activities to suit individual needs and interests.

Both indoor and outdoor activities are incorporated into the daily activities programme. Indoor’s residents can enjoy group or one-to-one activities, including card games, ball games, and art-therapy. Outdoors, residents can enjoy planting flowers and raising chicks in our beautiful and accessible garden. Whilst we encourage engagement in group activities or one-to-one socialisation, residents are free to remain in their rooms if desired.

Living in care can be difficult at times, and excursions to local restaurants, pubs, parks, and shopping centres, can make a huge difference to our residents’ wellbeing. For excursions, we use Ring and Ride services, which all adds to the adventure!

The activities team are always coming up with new ideas, such as arranging penpals for residents to communicate with, which has been especially wonderful during the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions.


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Meet Our Activities Team


Activities Lead

“I have been working at Highbury Nursing Home for almost 4 years. My background is in beauty therapy and cabin crew for an international airline and after gaining my degree in psychology I was drawn to this role working with older adults as I feel passionate about enhancing their life experience. Residents at Highbury get up each day for either the whole or part of the day, which I love as it is important to be around others. The activities team make everything an event whether is the dentist or chiropodist visiting.

I ensure that we have a full range of activities to suit every individual and their needs. Many residents will be at a different stage in their journey with dementia, people have good and bad days and I believe that it is essential to adapt to those needs by providing Person Centred activities for all.

We also like to get out and about in the community, visiting a local pub or restaurant, having fish and chip suppers, visiting local parks or shopping. We utilise Ring and Ride Services as well for the residents which all adds to the adventure. Living in care is hard work and it is a different life to living in the community, so it is essential to provide a reason to get up each day and to make each day special, whether it is a resident having a spa treatment and nails done, having a residents’ meeting or engaging in the plethora of activities that are provided.”


Activities Team

“I have been working at Highbury also for 4 years. My background is in teaching and community care work. I joined the team as I was keen to work with older adults and I love resourcing activities. I particularly enjoy playing bingo (number and picture), art and craftwork, arranging pen-pals, celebrating festivals and cooking.

Our residents find singing therapeutic and if I have any residents who are agitated or distressed, they benefit from being sung to. I am part of a community choir who love to come and perform and find that Highbury has a very welcoming atmosphere and a homely environment.”

Daily Activities at Highbury

We offer a variety of daily activities that can be tailored to individual need.

Art Therapy

We encourage residents to express themselves through creative practices. Art therapy helps to increase self-esteem and enhance the quality of life for older people in care.

Card Games

Playing card games is great for social interaction and cognitive exercise. Games like matching pairs and snap can improve mental association in people with dementia.


Our quizzes are great fun, encouraging social interaction with other residents. With a broad range of topics, quizzes provide mental stimulation and encourage alertness.

Ball & Balloon Games

Our ball and balloon games provide gentle exercise and foster positive relationships between residents. They are also ideal for encouraging mobility, dexterity, and flexibility.

Memory & Reminiscence Time

Memory and reminiscence sessions provide validation and meaningful interaction. Sessions can be especially beneficial to individuals with dementia.

Animal Therapy

Visiting animal therapists enable residents to enjoy therapeutic time with exceptionally trained and adorable pets.


Emma and Caroline visit weekly to provide hairdressing services tailored to the tastes and preferences of each resident.

Spa Treatments

We also enjoy visits from complementary therapists, who offer a variety of spa treatments to suit the individual needs of our residents.

Spiritual & Religious Needs

We recognise that each resident will have their own beliefs and values. Our staff will accommodate spiritual or religious practice in care plans.

Raising Chicks

Residents can help raise chicks together in our private and secure garden. Spending time with the chicks can be a comforting pastime for our residents.

Planting Flowers

Enjoy planting flowers and watching them grow in our peaceful garden. We have raised flower beds to suit different mobility needs.


Our residents enjoy outings to local pubs, restaurants, parks, and shopping centers. Due to COVID-19 excursions are temporarily suspended.

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