Visiting Professionals

Visiting Professionals

At Highbury, we care about providing a holistic service. Our visiting professionals provide extra care services to support the physical and mental wellbeing of each individual resident.

Following transformations in healthcare across Birmingham, we are supported 7 days a week by the Enhanced Care Home Support Hub based at Moseley Hall Hospital who work with us collaboratively to avoid unnecessary hospital admission.


GP services are provided by Poplar Road Primary Care Centre. The centre provides a weekly conference call with our manager and weekly GP rounds on Tuesday mornings. We ensure residents see a regular GP to ensure continuity of medical care.


Dental health and hygiene are vital in older adult care, preventing the development of upper respiratory or chest infections. Good dental health also helps with promoting appetite. Scott Arms Dental Practice offers check-ups, moulding for new dentures, and simple fillings, all on-site.


As we age certain eye diseases are more common; including glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration. Our visiting optician provides sight tests, preventative measures, and monitoring of existing eye conditions.


Poor foot health can lead to reduced mobility, impairing quality of life. Shazia is a private chiropodist who has been visiting Highbury for many years. She is able to provide foot care for all our residents, including those with diabetes. Shazia is always cheerful and pleasant, and our residents look forward to seeing her.


Emma and Caroline visit weekly and offer a full range of services, from cutting and trimming to perms and colours. They provide a friendly and caring service, listening to our residents to ensure their tastes are met. Residents always look forward to their appointments as it is a real psychological boost to have well-dressed hair.

Holistic & Complementary Therapies

Complementary therapies are designed to complement conventional therapies and treatments. Our visiting complementary therapists offer a range of therapies including hand massages, pet therapy (cuddles with a furry friend!), and music therapy.

Visiting Entertainment

We have a diverse range of visiting entertainment; including side singers and dancers. Our residents also enjoy visits from animal therapists, with exotic pets, dogs, and ponies.

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