Manager Nominated as a “Covid Hero”

Our Registered Manager Mrs Wendy Noons was recently nominated for an award with the West Midlands Care Association as a “COVID Hero”.

The nomination spoke about her commitment to the residents, their families and her staff earlier this year when Care Homes nationally were at the frontline of the pandemic. When asked Wendy simply stated that “in these circumstances, life can be very challenging”. She stated that every single member of the team had played their part and had followed the direction she gave, despite the constantly changing advice, guidance and new policies and procedures.

She also spoke of the outstanding work of “MoseleyTogether” led by Isobel Knowles with an army of volunteers. When supply chains broke in March/April 2020, Isobel and her resourceful team contacted and supported many homes in the local area, ensuring that they had continuity of supplies from dormant industries who gave generously.

Wendy stated that,

“it was the hard work of “MoseleyTogether” and their resilience which kept local care homes stable and able to maintain vital measures for infection control.

And to all of the companies who gave so willingly to our sector and looked after us while we were looking after the elderly frail, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts”